Wednesday, 11 January 2012

What is your perception of social media, do you think it is a fad or the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution?

My perception on social media is that it isn’t just a fad because of how far everything has come. I believe that it is the biggest shift since the industrial revolution by the amount of ratings the latest social media products have gotten. As we continue to watch all of the technologies grow in the market, every product becomes more convenient, easier and more accessible to Facebook, twitter and messaging apps, as well for every day-to-day use. It has allowed friends, family and loved ones to stay connected with each other from all over the world. This may include Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, text messaging and Skype. From personal experience I am grateful that we have all of the different options in social media that are used to stay connected for cheap, reliable use. Although all of these social media networks seem as though they are all positive feedback, there are some downfalls to them. This includes the cyber bullying that happens everyday to innocent children. I feel that the owners of the social media sites do not try their hardest to end this, and for the future I feel that the next improvement to these networks should not be about changing the layout but by making a stand to end the cyber bulling. A positive look at social media besides keeping in touch with family would be from a business standpoint. Many businesses now a days use the Internet and different sites to advertise their work. Whether it is clothing stores, fast food places, or even law firms or real estate offices. Using sites such as Facebook and Twitter to advertise up coming events, new listings for houses etc. This is the new way to advertise at no cost, putting their business name out into the Internet. As we go on with the improvements of social media apps, we continue to depend on them more and more. Sometimes resulting in abusing the technologies and social apps and relying on them too much can create one to lose their communication skills.
            I, myself as a teenager, I always have my phone on me to keep in contact with parents and friends. Although looking at both the positive and negative effects of the social media in today’s society, I still believe that, no it is not just a fad and it will continue to escalate into more inventions for the social world. 


  1. I completely agree with this, I too have taken advantage of all the options of social media and connecting to people on a regular basis whether it be to my mom while she is at work, or to a boyfriend who lives far away. I also do agree with the fact that these sites are so interested in always updating their website that they let the negative effects of the website just fall through the cracks, completely unrecognized.

  2. Cyber bullying is a massive downfall with social media and I completely agree with your statement regarding this. Many teens and kids have taken drastic measures because bullying has been too hard to handle at times. This is where social media sites need to kick their security into gear because it is not acceptable. The positive side of this is that communication has expanded and makes life a whole lot easier.