Sunday, 18 March 2012

Social Media Change?!

Yes, I do believe that social media can bring change to the world and this is shared through many of the latest news, organizations and incidents. Those that are happening all over the world have the ability to be shared via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs and Tumblr for example. With the help of all the available websites that have been made to voice opinions and view such articles, it is not only bringing people who share the same opinions together but also gives them the ability to express their views and ideas without being to shy to “stand up” for what the believe in. Lately I feel as though there have been more and more videos and pictures that are being posted to get the social worlds attention as to what is truly going on. Anyone is able to click “share” on a video to get it more noticed and as one person shares it all of his or her Facebook friends are able to view it and share it, having a chain reaction to form. There are many situations going on around the world, and I feel, as though without social media sites, I would not have the knowledge on these issues. For example, The Kony Project, if it weren’t for Facebook, no one would have known that this was going on. This specific video and organization has launched many campaigns to end this with the help of all possible social media sites. Within a day millions of people had viewed the Kony 2012 video that was posted on YouTube. I feel that since everyone has realized what social media has done to encourage everyone to help raise awareness they will take this into effect and hope that the future brings the same amount of positive attitude into trying to fix the situations that are going on around the world. Everyday society is figuring out a new way to incorporate social media into everyone’s lives. This is bringing about good and bad changes. The good forces us to open our eyes and view different people’s views on such campaigns and organizations like the “Stop Kony”. Although it also brings about bad changes because everyone believes everything that they see on the Internet. This is not always a good thing due to the fact that there was way more hidden information about the “Stop Kony” information being sent out which people were not fully looking into. Therefore social media is bringing an excellent change to our everyday lives. Everyone just has to be careful.  

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